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June 02, 2014  •  4 Comments

Southern Blue Damselfly (Female)Southern Blue Damselfly (Female) Well I had been home for 4 days, the weather was real downer, having had temperatures in the high 20's last week then have low teens this, it was a bit of a shock to the system, rain, rain and more rain, I thought I would phone up my mate Frank see how he was doing, he was out at Higher Hyde Heath, said it was okay up there, no rain at all, so jumped in the car and shot off.

Now birding in the poor light was out of the question, so bugs butterflies and insects were on the agenda, great to do something different, so instead of using the big 400mm lens, I put on the Sigma 100 macro with the flash gun, the flash helps to bring out the detail on the beasties, it didn't take long to find stuff, it is a great buzz getting close to insects and things that we would never normally notice, found loads of Damselflies by the pond, it wasn't long before we headed off to Wareham, to another place to find some Dragonflies it had started to warm up a bit now so our hopes were high of finding something good.

On arriving at the Heath we quickly ate lunch, then set off down the lane to the pond, a Cuckoo could be heard near by, never saw a sausage on the path, we hunted for another Cuckoo calling at the lake, saw it but couldn't get near it, now our initial enthusiasm was beginning to wane, I spotted a Silver Studded Blue Butterfly, the first of the year, then a newly emerged Black Tailed Skimmer, then I saw something right up my street, a Slug, it had crawled out on some gorse, it had got itself into a difficult position, the spikes of the gorse were clearly sticking in, and it must have been agony, not being one to interfere with nature, I just took loads of pictures, it didn't no what to do, to let go and fall, or turn over the end and slide back against the spikes, delightful :-)

Found my first Keeled Skimmer of the year then a Scarce Chaser, I hadn't seen one of these for a couple of years, all of these pics are taken using a macro lens, it really is great fun, if you have a camera try it, I will finish this blog with the usual stream of pics, the last is a pair Snipe Flies bonking, Life Goes On, Happy Days :-) Southern Blue  Damselfly (Female)Southern Blue Damselfly (Female) Southern Blue DamselflySouthern Blue DamselflyNot 100% sure on the ID here Azure Blue DamselflyAzure Blue DamselflyNot 100% sure on the ID here Doc BugDoc Bug Hairy ShieldbugHairy Shieldbug Ground HopperGround HopperNot sure which one this is Silver Studded BlueSilver Studded BlueNot 100% sure on the ID here Black Tailed Skimmer (Female)Black Tailed Skimmer (Female) Keeled Skimmer DragonflyKeeled Skimmer Dragonfly Slug on GorseSlug on GorseThis looked really painful, looks like it had got itself in a very difficult position Scarce Chaser DragonflyScarce Chaser Dragonfly Marsh SnipeflyMarsh SnipeflyNo Comment :-0


Mark Eggleton
Thank you Ian, I should really get myself a decent Landscape lens as well :-)
Ian Good(non-registered)
Some cracking sharp shots there Mark - great job. I really should get a decent macro lens.
Steve Carey(non-registered)
Fantastic Series Mark
Top post mate, and great pics. We must o it again when the weathers dull. Try and get Dave out.
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